Quentin Eckman


Fiction isn't untrue. It's imagination brought to life.

 Both ebook and paperback versions are available from Amazon Books. Unlikely hero, Lewis Price, can only escape his ghost by performing a semi-dangerous task.

Masterfully narrated by noted voice artist Dave Cruse. Join Lewis Price (aka Screwy Louie), Fred Jordan, and the Ghost of Bill Keys in this highly entertaining audiobook.

The first draft of this latest novel is being written a chapter at a time on Kindle Vella. Join the fun, as Jack Jackson, a former lumberjack, learns the rules of time-travel the hard way.

An unlucky gambler, the essence of an alien being, and a brilliant, beautiful, doctoral candidate embark on an adventure unlike any they could imagine.

About The Author

After a long career as a graphic artist and one-of-a-kind jewelry designer, I’ve now decided to channel my creative effort into writing fiction. My early working life had not always afforded me the luxury of working in creative fields. Taking jobs that were available to me (including various types of maintenance, auto mechanic, ranch foreman, and U.S. Census worker), provided a rich backdrop of characters and places for my writing, I didn’t realize at the time that those people and events were living research.